About half a mile away from one of Iceland’s more popular waterfall lies this hidden gem that we stumbled upon. We were hesitant to go in the cave because you’ll need to trek through knee deep ice cold water before you can get in. It was worth it. | 63°37’15.3″N 19°59’16.3″W | Fujifilm XT-2

Snapped a picture of Dara balancing on smooth rocks on the way out of the cave. | 63°37’15.3″N 19°59’16.3″W | Fujifilm XT-2

Coffee anytime anywhere. | 64°18’37.6″N 20°18’10.0″W | Fujifilm XT-2

Native Icelandic horses are pretty much just big dogs. | 63°57’09.0″N 20°49’24.4″W | Fujifilm XT-2

63°57’09.0″N 20°49’24.4″W | Fujifilm XT-2

Skogafoss, this mighty waterfall was definitely a humbling experience. | 63°31’55.3″N 19°30’41.9″W | Fujifilm XT-2

Goruck GR1. One of the most versatile and durable piece of equipment I have ever owned. I don’t think I can use any other backpack. | 63°31’51.9″N 19°30’46.3″W | Fujifilm XT-2

Reynisfjara is something straight out of a fantasy novel. It’s like travelling deep into the minds of  George R.R. Martin or J.R. Tolkien. Pro tip: Go early or late to avoid the people. You’ll enjoy it more. | 63°24’15.5″N 19°03’07.7″W | Fujifilm XT-2

The ancient vibes this place gives easily makes it into my favorite spot in Iceland. | 63°24’15.5″N 19°03’07.7″W | Fujifilm XT-2

The Fimmvörðuháls hiking trail. Its a trek between two glaciers and a volcano, trail head is right next to Skogafoss and this is definitely a photographer’s dream hike. Surrealism at its finest. | 63°32’02.0″N 19°29’35.0″W | Fujifilm XT-2

Rent a car and drive around the island. Part of the experience is seeing the stunningly scenic views in a vehicle. | 63°42’58.8″N 18°15’49.4″W | Fujifilm XT-2 

While hiking the Fimmvörðuháls, we got caught in a freak snow storm, which apparently is a common occurrence in Iceland. | 63°32’02.0″N 19°29’35.0″W | Fujifilm XT-2

Glacier Lagoon, the Earth equivalent of Game of Throne’s north of the wall. | 64°02’34.7″N 16°12’37.2″W | Fujifilm XT-2

Scenic af. | 63°57’55.7″N 17°10’28.9″W | Fujifilm XT-2

On top of the Jokulsarlon glacier. | 64°02’42.9″N 16°11’24.1″W | Fujifilm XT-2

#blessed. No seriously, seeing the aurora borealis is defnitely a blessing AND it was on our last night in Iceland. We were hunting the northern lights since we first landed and we we’re on the verge of giving up. Good thing we didn’t because what we saw was out of this fucking world. At first it was faint, and then it became brighter and brighter. It danced. It swirled. And then nothingness. | 64°12’22.7″N 21°25’44.5″W | Fujifilm XT-2

Ethereal. | 64°12’22.7″N 21°25’44.5″W | Fujifilm XT-2


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